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The Best Areas to Buying a Property in Málaga
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Published: 6th August 2020, 12:16pm

Investing in a property is a challenge and all sorts of doubts and questions are always haunting our minds: will it be profitable? Will I enjoy living there? What if I change my mind after I purchase it? Most of those questions only occur to you due to the location of the property and let’s face it - it is, in fact, a decisive factor. Rest assured that we consider Málaga to be an assured bet, both for living and for investing, and we are going to explain to you why. 

As the capital of Costa del Sol, Málaga has been registering a growth in the tourism industry, which consequently transformed the city into an example of the harmony between different styles of housing. When purchasing a house in Málaga, you can pick between astonishing estates on the coast, beachfront lofts, or more established and all the more beguiling condos in the old town. And because Málaga was registering considerable economic growth, alongside with important cultural initiatives, it is more than safe to invest in this Mediterranean city. Both models can be applied to apartment-style housing in the metropolitan area, allowing short-term and long-term renting.

Some areas are particularly more valuable than others in terms of Real Estate investment and the best ones are as follows: 

La Malagueta

You´ve probably heard about this area, as it is famous for its beach activity. When it comes to renting, this area is perfect for investing because the demand here is huge. Even during COVID-19 lockdown and considering the Brexit process is yet to be concluded, the searches do not seem to stop in areas such as this. 

We are not gonna lie to you: the housing prices are high in this area and the reasons are pretty obvious; the location is close to perfection (literally a few meters from the beach), very well connected to the rest of the city and it is also a zone with great restaurants and plenty of bars for you to keep entertained. It will feel like your life is a never-ending holiday! And if you are looking for some investment return, this is a unique opportunity to rent on a short-term basis. 

El Limonar

This is the place to choose if your goal is to be far away from the agitated Malaga´s downtown. It is very close to the hillside with amazing views towards the sea and it is one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods of Málaga and therefore one of the most expensive. We understand the motives - while it is an area that is far away from the city centre (and therefore from shops and other services), this area compensates itself with swimming pools, sports facilities and incredible housing. 


No, we are not talking about the neighbourhood located in New York or in London. Soho is also a very popular neighbourhood in Málaga and alike the two world-known neighbourhoods, this one is also famous for being home to artistic works from several artists, mainly street art like graffiti. 

You can say that art saved this suburb, as it was a very neglected area with a lot of poverty. Thanks to cultural initiatives, Soho was revitalized and it is now one of the city´s trademarks, with exhibitions and live shows in the entire area. Because of the giant graffitis, you will like you are living in an art gallery! 

Purchasing a property in Soho could be a stimulating experience: there is always something going on in this hood, so you won’t be bored. If not intended to live there, it is definitely worth renting short-term for college students due to the neighbourhood’s proximity to the university. 

We hope that this article may help you decide if Málaga is worth investing in. As far as we are concerned, Málaga offers many business opportunities for several purposes to anyone willing to invest. We are always looking to hear from you, so get in touch with us if you have any questions of any kind!

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