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Living in the Costa Tropical
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Published: 2nd July 2020, 12:46pm
The Costa Tropical of the Granada province is a particularly picturesque beachside, considered by many to be a relaxed region, made up mostly of agricultural zones and small resort towns and villages. What makes Costa Tropical special comparing to the rest of the Spanish coast is that the mountains of the Sierra Nevada range collapse on the rough coastline at the very edge of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to this, its perfect sub-tropical climate allows you to enjoy sun and ski in the same region.

History and Points of Interest

The Costa Tropical has many historical sights, including prehistoric cave paintings in nearby Nerja; many Roman ruins used to this day, including roads, bridges, buildings, fish salting factories, and irrigation systems; and abundant remains of the many-century Arab conquerors’ dominance of the region. 

In addition, Almuñécar served as the entry point to Iberia and the establishment in 755 of a power base for Abd ar-Rahman I, who came from Damascus and was the founder of an independent Muslim dynasty that ruled the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula for almost three centuries.

Towns and Villages

Beyond this province’s capital, Granada, there are other noteworthy cities that most certainly deserve a visit. Although Motril is the city with the highest population density in the region, Almuñecar forms the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical together with its neighbour La Herradura. The town sits upon a hill at the mouth of two rivers, meandering down to the coast. You can almost reach out from here and touch Africa and its special climate. The town is backed by rugged hills, valleys, and olive groves, almond, and carob trees on agricultural land.

Castell de Ferro, a charming Mediterranean fishing town, is located in the coastal region known as the Costa Tropical, in the province of Granada. The scenery in this area is stunning, with steep cliffs and a dramatic coastline. The Castell de Ferro area is much less busy than some of its counterpart seaside resorts and suits those looking for a different coastal resort.

The picture-postcard village of Salobreña is known as the ‘jewel of the Costa Tropical’. This village is ideally located on the beach, with a wonderful sunny climate, yet just 45 minutes from the historical city of Granada, and the skiing resort of the Sierra Nevada. You can literally mix a ski and beach holiday here!

Varied Holiday Options

The region’s main resorts are in Almuñecar, Salobreña and La Herradura. Almuñenacar, for one, hosts a very rich heritage from past Phoenician and Roman occupation. The city’s impressive hilltop castle was built over Islamic, Roman and Phoenician fortifications by the conquering Christians in the 16th century, was severely damaged during the Napoleonic Wars, and later became the town’s cemetery until the 1980s. While hanging out at the beach in Almuñécar, head over to the Peñon (Giant rock formation jutting out into the sea) and climb the staircase to the top. You will find a wide patio with incredible coastal views to the east and west, and the castle behind it. 

Granada offers both winter and summer holiday options. The mountains run right down to the sea and the coastline is typically a series of coves and promontories. Inland from the Costa Tropical, you will be in Las Alpujarras, one of Spain’s most naturally striking and stunning areas, and the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

The calm and picturesque beachside

Although not nearly so well known as the neighbouring Costa del Sol to the west, many tourists are starting to head east towards Costa Tropical, where they can enjoy a taste of traditional Spain with its small charming fishing villages and white mountain villages and less tourist presence than in other renowned Spanish summer destinations.

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