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Advantages of Joining our After Sales

Real Estate Added Value - Spain propety experts

Real Estate Added Value

The property management service ensures you add value to your property and save money at the same time.

Direct Contact with your local experts - Spain propety experts

Direct Contact with your local experts

After Sales guarantees, you get the best local experts for the best prices.

Average 6%  Yield returns - Spain propety experts

Average 6% Yield returns

Our services help you make sure you get the best return percentage possible.

Spanish Homes After Sales

The After Sales department is one of the main differentiators of Spanish Homes. We have designed something very unique and beneficial for our clients. We have an in-house team that is solely committed to satisfying clients' needs post-purchase; and to be with them every step of the way, if needed, ensuring any and every issue can be addressed. From understanding which documents are needed to how to ship a household to Spain, After Sales is here to make our clients' life easier. We believe that by providing this service for all clients we are making it clear that our company's core values of honesty, trust and accountability are ingrained in everything we do - even after a client has made a purchase.

What kind of client am I?

Relocation - Spain propety experts


Want to live in Spain?

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A place in the sun, a very easy-going culture and the beach nearby – there is not much else needed to relocate, especially when it comes to Spain. Taking into consideration the amazing lifestyle, our company wants our client to relax and enjoy their relocation free of hassles and complications. From shipping all your belongings to having a property ready to use, we will have a fully dedicated team ready to help out.

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Non-Habitual Residency - Spain propety experts

Non-Habitual Residency

Seeking Residency in Spain?

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Not being a resident for tax purposes in Spain will bring advantages to the regime for six years. Having a tax consultant is essential for the process, however, a contact that will take care of your investment is at the most value as well.

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Golden Visa - Spain propety experts

Golden Visa

Interested in the Golden Visa Program?

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The application process can be smooth and easy if all necessary factors are present in the equation. Spanish homes make sure that legal assistance is appropriate to the client in question. After the application and purchase process, After Sales will assist you in case you want to use the property or in case you want to rent it and generate income from it.

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Investment Client - Spain propety experts

Investment Client

Want to take care of your investment?

Looking for the best investment?

Spain is certainly on the map of the most popular tourist spots in Europe. Therefore, it is absolutely normal to see several people interested in investing. If you are a real estate investor you will know the relevance of having local assistance taking care of your investment. Not only to increase the annual yield but also to protect and preserve your investment.  

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After Sales?

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After Sales services tailored for you

Spanish Homes - Spain propety experts

Property Management

We make sure your yield is consistent and adequate to the current market. While you are not using the property, we will make sure it generates great income.

Spanish Homes - Spain propety experts

Leisure Concierge

We provide a stress-free stay, helping you with transfers and any bookings, making sure that you and your family have a wonderful time in Span is our number one priority.

Spanish Homes - Spain propety experts

Relocation Services

We make sure you ship all your belongings to your new home and enjoy your new life.

Managing your Property

Any investment overseas is a tremendous leap for all entrepreneurs and investors. The risks associated with this action can be easily compensated by the estimated incomes with the proper guidance and that's where After Sales can help you the most. The Spanish market is tremendously attractive to any buyer, however very competitive as well. With the right partners, our clients are able to achieve the right income and the expected return.


Rental Support

How much income your property can generate depends entirely on the strategy you wish to adapt. Renting your property in the holiday season is quite a frequent move to most of the investors as its incomes are considerably higher. Because of tourist destinations such as Marbella, Tenerife or Alicante, this move is almost mandatory as it is quite profitable. All it takes is to find the proper renting agency that can assure you the right tenant. 

Property Management

Our property managers are professionals that are used to any meticulous process associated with the perfect maintenance of a property. From connecting utilities to detailed inspection reports, these professionals are your eyes and ears on the field, making you feel like you are really in the property. They will keep you updated in every aspect of your investment, such as maintenance works, installation of equipment and also visits from the local authorities, such as City Hall appointments. 

Detailed reports

This is a continuous work from the moment you buy the property. This happens every three months and it is our way to keep you constantly updated considering the delicacy of certain operations that are needed to deliver your property in dream-like conditions. Despite the physical distance, not only you can count on well-elaborated reports but also with professionals who are totally available to answer all of your questions. We will also advise on the best practices when it comes to preserving your property and also goaling the best prices. 

Leisure Concierge

Our After Sales team is what makes Spanish Homes so different from its competition and it is the perfect representation of our understanding of walking the extra mile – predicting our client's needs is essential, as it allows us to forge a trustworthy relationship with them and guarantee peace of mind during their investment adventures in Spain. Your only concern will be your safe landing in Spanish territory; we will take care of you from then on. 


More than assisting you in managing your investment, we want to help you have quality time in this wonderful country as your leisure concierges, arranging all the commodities you require. From booking dinners at fancy restaurants to arranging transfers to the airport and other places, we will make sure that you have a hassle-free experience in order to enjoy your property at full extent. And more than just helping you manage your investment and because life can also be about fun, we want to arrange anything that can help you relax while staying in Spain. We can arrange fantastic activities for you and for your family that will make your experience in Spain unforgettable!

Boat ride in the coastal regions 

Your stay in the regions such as Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca cannot be complete without experiencing a boat cruise on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy unique sunsets. Spanish Homes work with multiple agencies that can provide this kind of experience in the main coastal cities of this beautiful Spanish region. Just sit, relax and enjoy the Mediterranean way of life.

Visit the historical patrimony of Spain 

Spain is a synonym of History: it has one of the oldest borders with its neighbour Portugal and has a large historical patrimony consisting of magnificent buildings such as castles, monasteries and palaces. It is an interesting way to get to know this amazing country and tons of excursions can be arranged so that you can know them all! You just say where you want to go and the After Sales team shall arrange it.

Quality family time in the many amusement parks 

If there is something that Spain has plenty to offer is amusement parks. Particularly in the Canary Islands (where this kind of activities are more popular), you can find astonishing places for you and your kids to have tons of fun. The prices can be quite welcoming if booked anticipatedly and our After Sales will make sure you have the best discounts. Are you ready for having a fun spree?

Get in touch with nature 

Because of its geography and territory, Spain is very well known for its natural parks and for their efforts on preserving its natural patrimony. In fact, their efforts guaranteed the UNESCO brand to three natural parks: two of them are located in the Canary Islands - Teide National Park (the biggest and located in the island of Tenerife) and Garajonay National Park; the other is called Doñana National Park and it stays in Andalusia. They are all worthy of visiting and we are certain that you are going to fall in love with Spain's gorgeous landscapes.

Have a hassle-free experience with our Leisure Concierge service

The name itself stands for total relaxation and commitment in fulfilling our client's wishes. 

Relocation Services

We understand the stressful routine that moving to another country represents. Either it is facing a new culture or rediscovering your place in the world, it's because we understand those issues that we offer our relocation services for your delight. It doesn't matter how many belongings you want to move from one place to another or how many family members you want to bring with you in the new chapter of your life - the After Sales team is here to help you.


Shipping your belongings anywhere you want

If your desire is to live or retire in Spain, you do not have to worry about carrying too many things. As mentioned, the After Sales department secures this service by working alongside its partners who are also responsible for our success. Just tell us what you want to bring to your new home and we shall arrange it. 

Planning your trip

Seems simple but the truth is that organizing a trip requires a disciplined approach in order to make sure you do not forget anything. We can book your flight according to your preferences: day, time of the day, the seat you wish to be seated, you name it. All of this so that your arrival in your new country of residence can be compared to a Chief of State with a professional chauffeur to take you and your family to your home where your belongings await you.

Finding the most suitable activities for you

Our concierge skills reach here as well. Fan of golf? We can take you to the best golf resorts in Spain. Interested in cultural events? Spain is a very cultural country that has plenty of activities to offer you, such as theatres, cinemas, festivals and fairs. You tell us what you wish to do and we arrange it for you.

The best schools for your children

Having a family obliges you to take certain precautions in order to assure certain aspects of your dear ones. Adapting to a new environment can be challenging to any child, particularly new schools and teaching methods. That is why we compromise ourselves with the mission of finding the best schools for your children. Spain does have quite an exquisite educational system, from kindergarten to college, with high academic standards. 

Mariana was very friendly and helpful

Investor from South Africa

Very knowledgeable and professional, able to provide clear advice that meets my need such that I can make decision quickly. Efficient and energetic team.

Investor from Hong Kong

Thank you. Lovely experience with all of the staff. George was very helpful, knowledgeable and had a good grasp of the financials. Will recommend Spanish Homes to friends. Also excellent experience with the After Sales - very helpful.


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