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Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features
Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features
Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features

Exploring Spain

Spain is a country of absorbing diversity, visible in its people, landscape, and astounding history. Each region of Spain could easily be considered an independent country, as the northern green landscapes contrast significantly with the southern mountainous and arid landscapes. The food in Spain is equally varied, and provides yet another exciting aspect to your experience!

No matter where in Spain you’d be looking to relocate to, Spanish Homes can help you find the abode of your dreams. From stunning villas on the coast to homely apartments, we have a wide range of properties available for sale.

Things To do in Spain

Dalí’s hometown, Cadaqués Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Dalí’s hometown, Cadaqués

Known as the Museo del Portlligat, Dalí’s house in Cadaqués holds a special surprise for its visitors. This is the house Salvador Dalí designed and shared with his partner and muse Gala, between 1930-1982. Over the course of the forty years, Dalí and his wife expanded and redesigned the house to a series of irregular and unique spaces. Each space has its own individual concept, and every room looks out onto the Portlligat bay which Dalí used to paint many times.

Tarragona, in Costa Dorada Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Tarragona, in Costa Dorada

Tarragona reveals the essence of the Mediterranean, and it embodies everything that there is to love about the coast of Spain! Having been recognized as a World Heritage Site, Tarragona receives over 4 million visitors every year. The town is brimming with history as it was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire. 

Here, visitors can dine under the vaults of the Roman circus, and wander around the charming alleys of the historic quarter. Tarragona is a true patrimony of historic monuments and locations from Roman, medieval and modern eras. But it is also a town made of people, of human stories, and small moments.

Cruise the Coast Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Cruise the Coast

Spain is becoming increasingly popular for Mediterranean cruise departures and stopovers. More and more people are choosing to spend several days in Spain's Mediterranean towns and cities at the beginning or the end of their cruises, as they are destinations with a lot to offer within culture, art, culture, premium beaches and mouth-watering gastronomy.

Nerja Caves, in Málaga Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Nerja Caves, in Málaga

Cueva de Nerja is a 4km long underworld heaven! This is the longest and largest stalactite in the world, with a height of 33 metres and a 42 feet-long base in the Cataclysm Chamber.

The Nerja Caves were discovered in 1959 by a group of five local residents who were bat hunting in la Mina cave. After a panel of experts determined the value of the discovery, this place had to be shown to the whole world!

The caves, however, have the upper and lower galleries that were discovered by the public in 1960 and 1969 but remained closed to the public. Stone Age hunters’ paintings were also found in the caves, helping the Spanish Government to declare them as a Heritage of Cultural Interest, in 1985.

History and Culture in Motril Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

History and Culture in Motril

Being the most populated city in the Costa Tropical region, Motril gathers a mix of culture, history and architectural beauty. There are several landmarks, and religious monuments to visit. In the city centre, you can find the Colegiata de Mortil, built over the Mayor mosque in the beginning of the 16th century, it mixes several architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque. Its impotence reminds the visitor that it once had a defensive purpose. 

Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza might be considered the most emblematic church in Motril. Take a look at the altarpiece and the dressing room of the Virgin, the work of Manuel González Ligero. It keeps a carving of the Virgin that dates from the 16th century. In the following century, the hermitage became a Franciscan convent. From the viewpoint, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

Visit Morella Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Visit Morella

Morella is a charismatic hilltop town in Costa del Azahar, built mostly inside its medieval castle’s walls. Inside these walls, you’ll find yourself immersed in a maze of narrow streets, alleyways and steep steps, which form part of one of the oldest inhabited towns in Spain.

If you chose to live in Morella, the Basilica de Santa Maria Mayor is a must-see landmark. A church built in the Gothic architectural style, boasting two elaborate sculpted doorways and a unique raised choir that can only be accessed by an intricate spiral staircase. We also advise you to visit the Tiempo de Historia Museum, which outlines the town’s history. Finally, it’s inescapable to visit the castle, which overlooks the town from the respectful height of 1,072 metres above sea level. Built by the Moors in the 13th century on the side of earlier fortresses of Iberian and Roman origin, this castle has seen many battles throughout the centuries.

Mojacar Spanish Home - Spain propety experts


One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Mojácar is 90 kilometres from Almería capital towards the north. The labyrinth of streets of white houses, reminiscent of Mudéjar architecture, is one of the essential visits of the province. The town is divided into two well-differentiated urban centres Mojácar Pueblo and Mojácar Playa.

Traditionally the inhabitants of Mojácar painted on the doors of their houses the figure of the Indalo. The Indalo is the talisman of Almería and represents a man holding the rainbow with open arms. According to tradition, it drives away the evil eye and brings good luck to those who own it.

Cabo de Palos to Aguilas  Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Cabo de Palos to Aguilas 

The stretch of coastline is very ideal for diving, sailing, cave diving, hiking and climbing. The region is very ideal for skin diving. Aguilas boasts extensive solitary beaches of La Higuerica, La Carolina and Calabardina. Besides that, you can check the waterpark at Aguilas and have some fun.

Cabo de Palos is great for scuba and cave diving, the coast is ideal with its wide range of underwater settings and the good visibility of the transparent water. As well, a good spot in Spain for skin diving too. For cave diving, the underwater caves are located between Cartagena and La Azohia.

As for hiking and mountain biking, the road is along the coast between Cabo de Palos and Portman, between Cartagena and the Bay of Mazarrón. In addition, the trails and the roads between them are ideal for mountain biking with spectacular landscapes through the mountains. And, fishing is a very popular water sport in all along the Costa Calida coasts. The areas along Águilas and Mazarrón are very ideal due to the depth and transparency of the waters. Also, the Salinas de San Pedro is very ideal. In Calnegre Park and Cabo Cope are very ideal for hiking and nature walking as well. 

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Local Information for Spain

Transportation - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Transportation

The Spanish transportation system is generally easy to use. In all major Spanish cities, there are excellent bus services and long-distance bus services to the city centres. There is also a wide variety of bus services. Busses are Spain's cheapest and most common public transportation system and most coastal towns and rural villages can only be reached by bus. 

There are also metros to well-connected speed rails between major Spanish cities. As a bonus, instead of driving yourself, using Spain’s public transport system can help reduce the cost of getting around the country.

Weather - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Weather

Temperatures in Spain are mild all year round, with 300 days of sunshine a year! Daytime average temperatures in January reach 14º and in August 28º to 30º. 

October and November are the wettest months and the summer months see an average of 11 hours of sunshine daily.

Shopping - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Shopping

Being Spain known for the huge El Corte Inglès shopping centre, the coastal regions of the country also offer the shopping lovers an array of options. In the main tourist towns you will find a top-quality range of exclusive shops with internationally known brands, and strolling around the shopping of Grand Plaza, Almeria, La Marina, La Roca Village, amongst others, you can enjoy a remarkable shopping experience with hundreds of leading Spanish and international brands, such as Bulgari, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Philipp Plein, Sandro and many more!

Restaurants & Bars - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Restaurants & Bars

With more bars per capita than any other country in the world, Spain is certainly not lacking in eating options. In recent years, Spain has become synonymous with phenomenal gastronomy, brimming a number of outstanding restaurants. With a deep history of agriculture and viticulture, people get a chance to taste some of the most delicious dishes made with the freshest ingredients to be found in the whole of Spain. 

Bars here are prominent and an ideal spot for breakfast in the morning and tapas at night; cafés always serve beer and pubs here are perfect places to have an authentic and full meal, like a good paella!

Airport - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Airport

Since Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, it has 30 airports spread around the country. Each one of the airports serves various cities, regions and towns across Spain itself. The major airports in Spain are, however, Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN) and Palma (PMI) Airports, being these the busiest ones all year round.


From sandy stretches to rugged coves, you will certainly find some of the most blissfully unspoilt Blue Flag beaches in Spain. Spain’s coastline has up to 158 kilometres of crystal clear waters. There’s a variety of beaches from family-friendly hollow waters to diving, sailing and scuba diving to secluded coves and elegantly rounded bays lined with pavement cafés and restaurants.

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