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Everything you need to know about the Costa de Valencia
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Published: 2nd July 2020, 6:58pm
Costa de Valencia is one of the most popular amongst Spanish regions, while Valencia is the third-largest city after Barcelona and Madrid. Costa de Valencia is a Mediterranean heaven brimming with astounding and captivating views!

Valencia has an accessible transport system

One of the perks of living in Costa de Valencia is that it has an excellent public transport system, just like the rest of Spain. It also has the second biggest metro system after Madrid, buses and railways exceed more than 50 routes that connect not only to the rest of the city, but it also allows you to have access to the other parts of the country.

It is the city of Arts and Sciences

This region is also mainly known as the “City of Arts and Sciences” of Spain and it carries one of the most well-known museums and art institutes such as Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, and Instituto Valenciano de las Artes Modernas.

Valencia was founded more than 2000 years ago by the Roman empire, which then surrendered to the Moors, more known as Berbers and Arabs,  and finally clamming “Reconquista” in 1238 by King James I of Aragon.

All this indicates that the city carries a profound and deep foundation of history and culture. Hence, the city owns one of the biggest Historic Quarters of almost 170 hectares, and is the home of lovely monuments and landmarks like “El Miguelete”, “La Catedral”, “Las Torres de Serrano y de Quart y la Lonja de la Seda”, which some turned into World Heritage by UNESCO.

It’s a great Holiday Destination

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their summer around warm and sandy beaches? Costa de Valencia is known to be one of the best spots for you to spend your hot summers in! Here you can dive into the waters of La Malvarrosa beach, El Saler beach, Port Saplaya beach, and many others that you will certainly enjoy, even more, because of the sunny weather, with not much rain and temperatures that allow a refreshing swim for half of the year!

Shake your body in the fiestas

Las Fallas and Las Fiestas de San Vicente Ferrer are the most well known and most attended festivals in Valencia not only by the locals but also tourists. 

Las Fallas is the most significant one that lasts 4 days and is the deep foundation of Valencian culture. It was originated to celebrate Saint Joseph Day, who was the protector of the carpenters during that time of history as furniture industries were the core of the Valencian economy in the past. 

Las Fiestas de San Vicente Ferrer, on the other hand, carries the Holy Week, a celebration that is an extension of Easter Holidays. During these, people visit the chapel, which was originally the first dwelling of San Vicent, and assist the famous acts presented by children of the Saint.

In addition to these memorable celebrations, there are others that have equal importance in the Valencian culture, such as the Procession of the Corpus Christi, and the festival of the Virgin of the Helpless.

It has leisure Activities for everyone

If you enjoy outdoor activities, then Costa de Valencia also has a place for you. It has several natural parks, the most famous one being the Albufera reserve and the Gardens of Turia where you can spend a day biking or playing football with your family!

If you’re feeling like spending the day indoors with your kids, try one of the many workshops in places like the Science Museum of Prince Filipe, the Arts and Science Centre and the IVAM.

How is the Real Estate market in Valencia?

The city of Valencia has been the prime focus of interest for investors in the past decade. The real estate business has grown exponentially due to the recent moving of businesses and organizations that were first based in Barcelona. Apart from this, compared to big cities like Madrid, which suffers from soaring housing prices, Valencia has experienced rapid growth in the last decades. 

With a minimum price-per-square-meter of €700 on the cheaper side and up to €2300 euros on the most premium locations, the Costa de Valencia is much more affordable than major cities like Madrid, where house prices can start from €5000. This gives Valencia high advantage for growth and improvement as most workers come from other parts of the country searching for a better job opportunity with affordable and reasonable housing prices. 

With having practically 85% of the population of the city working in the service sector, it can be said the economy of this region is heavily reliant on travel, tourism, and service-related industries. 

In the past few years, there has been an increase in external investments in the real estate sector from around the world. Most investors buying land and properties in Spain are mainly from China, England, Russia, Italia among numerous others. 

Since 2013, due to the financial crises, the city experienced an unexpected drop in property prices and since then the Valencian Property market has been rising and has achieved a growth rate of around 5% overall and 10% annual transaction growth. 

It can be seen that the real estate market has been growing in Valencia, with the proprietors having understood the fact that their properties are becoming more and more valuable and at the same time having the investors and buyers who look for cheap properties to purchase in order to make a profit, and this dilemma is the exact reason why there has been an increase of almost 20% on transactions in the market.

What are you waiting for?

It can be said that Costa de Valencia is a wonderful place, with the most magnificent and breath-taking Mediterranean scenery. As you’ve seen, Costa de Valencia does not only offer fascinating and profound history and culture, but it also offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for you to live in, to spend holidays, or even to retire in. What is stopping you from coming? Get in touch with us and find out about your options.

Finally, it has been recommended by the experts that Costa de Valencia is definitely one of the best places for you to purchase property in Spain, as it offers the benefits of being a well-developed city, with a great transport system, with international airport and tons of different activities and events, all that at a very low cost compared to expensive cities like Barcelona and Madrid. 

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