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Costa Del Sol - A Proof Of Mediterranean Grace
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Published: 1st July 2020, 6:14pm

Málaga is known for being the capital of Costa del Sol. We are talking about one of the oldest cities in Europe, as it is believed that it was founded around 770 b.C by the Phoenicians and it was also home of many great empires, such as Roman and Islamic tribes. If you are a fan of History, you´ll be sure for a treat in Costa del Sol, as it has tons of historical attractions and not just in Málaga - the entire coast cherishes its heritage and takes advantage of its patrimony to seduce tourists and investors. 

When it comes to fashion, Málaga is an important stop for everyone who pays attention to the latest trends. Every year the Fashion Week takes place in the Larios, the fanciest zone of Málaga that is often compared to the most frequented fashion capitals in the world and where you can find the best shopping malls in Costa del Sol

What are the best activities when staying in Costa del Sol?

Most of the cities and villages are good for walking, especially on the shore side. They are filled with cafés and terraces with overwhelming sights, not to mention the proximity to the famous paradise beaches. You can also discover the Andalusian soul burning out from the ancient streets that shelter the traditions and costumes of the region by visiting castles, monasteries and other establishments.

Have a feist at Paco Jimenez

By far one of the most recognized and best restaurants in Costa del Sol, Paco Jimenez counts with a very experienced chef, as well as a great location - right in the heart of Old Town of Marbella, the Orange Square. Prepare yourself for a tasteful journey!

Cabopino Golf Marbella

One of the things that you will notice while visiting Costa del Sol is the number of resorts and the golf courses that are annexed to them. We highly recommend the Cabopino Golf Marbella, due to its astonishing view and for its proximity to the many beaches that exist in the area. 

Take a visit to Málaga Cathedral

One of the main symbols of Málaga. Constructed between 1528 and 1782, this structure personifies the gracious Renaissance style and it is pretty close to another big attraction of the city: the Museo Picasso Málaga, a museum dedicated to the work of Pablo Picasso. 

Spoil yourself in one of the many luxurious resorts

Luxurious tourism is rising in Costa del Sol and that is due to the many resorts that you can find along the coast. Luxury is a must in these dream-like places, so you won´t leave without being totally relaxed. We highlight the famous Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavís, located on the shore side of Marbella and equipped with a 2.000 square meters spa, a Roman amphitheatre and, as typical in that area, a golf course.

How life will be like for you

Anyone that moves to Costa del Sol does it to escape the agitated big city lifestyle, characterized by the crowded streets and never-ending traffic with drivers shouting to each other. This scene is familiar to you, right? We thought so, and that is because we reckon the tremendous difference in life quality: better food, better climate, better quality time with your family, better schools, better lifestyle… We can keep this going if you feel like it. 

Even though it is mostly a holiday destination, the truth is there are cities like Málaga that have the same services as any other, like cinemas, shopping malls, bank institutions, you name it.

Our life completes itself with the simplest pleasures, like having a drink in a terrace with one of those paradise views that you are always seeing on the movies while the sun tans your skin. In Costa del Sol, that scenario is highly seen, particularly in Summer. Any bar/café is a good place to have an espresso or a cocktail and just watch the time go by. 

For those who are used to consuming culture, you have come to the right place. Costa del Sol has a big Andalusian influence and as such most of the events that you can see all over the coast are fairs with lots of dancing, music and local craftsmanship and products. That is what Andalusia is all about - contexts to enjoy time with each other and the paradise that is Costa del Sol. 

Because of its importance as a city, Málaga is a relevant destination for tours from many great artists from different cultural circuits. With events all along the weeks, it’s impossible to count with your fingers all the things you can see in this beautiful city.

Why choose Spanish Homes?

The professionals who built Spanish Homes understand very well the sensitivity and concerns regarding the purchase of a property overseas and that is why we are constantly analyzing and studying all updates in the Real Estate market in Spain. With our know-how and years of experience, we can give you the proper guidance and help you acquire the property of your dreams in Spain, always having as the main goal the income of your investment and also the type of property more suitable for your needs.  

Take a look at the best properties on sale at Costa del Sol and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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