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What Seville has to offer you
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Published: 16th July 2020, 4:09pm
Seville can be an exciting place to live in: tons of places to visit and so many activities to fill your days! History is alive in the ancient but dynamic streets that are easily occupied by people from all corners of the world and due to its climate, it’s one of the top picks to anyone who wishes to embrace a new life. It can also be an excellent place to start a family or even a business, as the Spanish public school is free for kids until the age of 16.
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Events for an entire year

Like any traditional Spanish municipality, Seville has a good number of festivals and fairs in order to present local products and gastronomy. Not just that but because of the locals’ faith, this part of Spain is particularly religious, so you can expect huge processions of celebrations like Easter or Christmas. 

Regarding Easter, it is during this celebration that the most important events of the city occur. Right after Holy Week, probably the most important religious event of Andalusia, you have Feria de April (April´s Fair) that takes place in a fairground in Los Remedios, located Southwest of the city. It is a pretext for people to gather and show off their Spring clothing and dance to the sound of Flamenco music. It is also a delicious opportunity to try out the local food, particularly the famous Spanish tapas.

Museums for all your tastes

Andalusia is a region filled with History. It has a very rich patrimony regarding artefacts and structures left by multiple civilizations, some of them the biggest that the world has ever seen. Seville is no exception and for that reason, the municipality invests in preserving its patrimony through museums with exhibitions that are free of charge, open every day to anyone who wishes to learn about the city’s past. 

The Museum of Fine Arts is a perfect example of the municipality’s dedication to preserving the heritage left by their ancestors, mostly paintings from medieval times. Flamenco, being founded in Andalusia, is also a well-preserved treasure of the city and you can learn all about it in Museo del Baile Flamenco.

Regarding archaeological preservation, Seville is proud to have the best-preserved sites regarding the Roman presence in Andalusia, as well as Phoenicians and Moors. The collections of Museo Archeologico de Sevilha constitute an important contribution to preserving History and the work made by the competent and dedicated staff contributes to the cultural promotion of the city’s ancient treasures. Just 11 km away from Seville you have the city of Santiponce, home of the Roman city Itálica, where it is rumoured to be the birthplace of the famous Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian.

Easy to move around

The city of Seville has quite decent infrastructures that can transport you pretty much anywhere in the city. You can get to most of the places by using the bus network called TUSSAM, with stops in all of the neighborhoods that form the city. 

Seville is also bicycle-friendly - you can rent a bicycle in the many kiosks scattered around the city and explore not just the historical centre but also the beautiful outdoors of Seville. There are tons of touristic activities that involve bike tours for all biking lovers and it is a very healthy way to know the city. And if you ever decide to explore other major Spanish cities, Seville is connected with Renfe railroads, more specifically the Ciudades AVE system. 

Diversified delicious food

The best form of socializing in Spain is on the table; having a beer and tapas with colleagues after work or enjoying dinner with friends or family is a common picture in Spain, as the food is as diverse as it is delicious! There is plenty to choose from, with plates combining the freshest products in order to make the famous tapas that can go with a mixture of smoked hams and chorizos as well as tortillas. If you wish to avoid tourist traps, we recommend you to visit the typical neighborhoods like Triana and have a seat at the local cafés for a feast of flavours. A happy person is a person who eats well and Seville will not let you down, for sure! 

We hope we gave you more than enough reasons to consider Seville as a holiday destination or even as your new home! Nevertheless, Spanish Homes is always available to answer any of your questions. Your doubts are our biggest concern, we are always available for you!

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