Las 5 razones principales por las que Valencia es el destino ideal para los Norteamericanos

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Las 5 razones principales por las que Valencia es el destino ideal para los Norteamericanos
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Published: 3rd December 2020, 4:51pm

Valencia, the land of the delicious paella, is the third-largest city in Spain, giving foreigners the opportunity to find the best property to invest in or to live. Here we have 5 reasons why North Americans choose Valencia as the top destination

With a mix of delicious food and interesting history, Valencia embraces you, giving its guests the opportunity to live or to have some holidays in a friendly environment. Valencia not only offers a fascinating and profound culture, but also the most magnificent and breathtaking Mediterranean scenery. It is always important to be informed before making the decision to invest overseas, for that reason we advise you to read everything you need to know about Costa de Valencia

Relocating to a new country may sound complicated, yet North Americans have found their way to invest and believe in this prestigious city, which has grown exponentially due to the recent moving of businesses and organizations that were first based in Barcelona, and some other important cities, and the increase in external investments in the real estate sector from around the world. 

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Below, we explain the top 5 reasons why Valencia is the ideal destination for North Americans!

Rising from Covid-19 pandemic   

The world-known pandemic, Covid-19, has caused catastrophic damages for every country. From regrettable losses of loved ones to devastating economies, still, we have proven that we can survive this, changing the way we used to do things. Rising from the aches, Valencia is following contingency measures to be safer.   

Apart from the standard measures that almost every country is taking now, the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain has launched a series of sanitary and hygiene control called the Spain Travel Health Program; this means that if you are flying to Spain, you need to create an FCS form (Sanitary Control Form) and obtain your QR Code before your trip. Visit the website of the Spain Travel Health Program to find what is this new safety method about, who needs to have it , and the steps you need to follow.

Being located in the Mediterranean, Valencia has easy access to other European Union countries and thanks to its outstanding culture and beauty, Valencia has been able to economically sustain itself. Having practically 85% of the population of the city working in the service sector, it can be said the economy of this region is heavily reliant on travel, tourism, and service-related industries.

Golden Visa Programme Opportunities 

With an easy and quick process, the Spanish Golden Visa Program was created as a way of enabling non-EU citizens the right to gain a residency permit in exchange for a real estate investment of more than €500.000, which not only gives you the opportunity to reallocate or having a holiday home, but also the chance to move easily within the Schengen area. Most of the processes of the residence permits for non-EU citizens are slow, with a lot of paperwork and rules with strict regulations. For this reason, the Spanish Golden Visa Programme has become very popular in the last few years, fostering the growth of the economy. 

Taking into consideration all of the advantages that this programme has, such as the fact that you can bring your family members, including your spouse, as well as your children gives you an idea of why North Americans are finding their way to invest and believe in a sunny home in Valencia. 

If you wish to know more about the process, who may apply, the benefits and the steps you need to take, contact our team of experts here.


Subtropical Mediterranean climate 

Valencia is where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea, where the waters are calm but also enable you to surf and kite-surf at certain times.

Valencia is a great spot for outside sports, perfect for cyclists, as well as hikers and rock climbers. It ends up being a good place for runners too.

Valencia’s climate is positively idyllic, with blue skies and sunshine to die for, even when it’s supposedly winter time! 

In fact, winters are mild although you’ll certainly need a coat when the sun goes down. In January, the coldest month of the year, the average day time temperature is between 14-20ºC, and at night between 4-12ºC.

Summer in the city lasts for eight months of the year, from April to November although it’s not uncommon to experience temperatures of 24-28ºC in February and March. Valencia’s climate is classified as subtropical. During the day, the average temperature is 23 degrees and 13.8 degrees at night. In August, the hottest month, you won’t want to be far from a fan. The average temperature ranges from 28-34 degrees in the day and around 22 degrees at night. September gets a lot of rain, but often they are just quick showers that help clear the humidity. 

With this magnificent weather, you will only feel like going to Valencia’s golden beaches! Valencia is famous for its beaches and that’s the price to pay for being one of the best cities on the Mediterranean coast. Here’s a list of the top beaches in Valencia: 

  • Las Arenas Beach 
  • La Malvarrosa Beach
  • Patacona Beach
  • El Saler Beach
  • La Garrofera Beach
  • La Devesa Beach
Valencia Beaches

Offers culture to its guests 

Valencia is known for the City of Arts and Science, being also one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. The city is the perfect mix of culture and architecture. There is an ultra-modern structure that is given a fluid quality by the reflecting pools that surround them, with recent finishing touches. Inside the many buildings, you’ll lose yourself in culture and entertainment activities; there is a planetarium, a cinema, and a botanical garden with native plants, too. 

Having the opportunity to visit a magnificent place as Valencia is amazing, but getting to know their culture is an incredible and unforgettable experience. You get to know their roots, the history behind them, and the food that brings all the people together. Valencia has a Mediterranean cuisine, its basic ingredients are vegetables, seafood, and meat; meat dishes include game, lamb, and goat in the mountain areas. Both mountain and coastal areas of Valencia can claim their stews.

Valencia is also known for its rice which dominates some menus, such as paella, and rice stews. Then, there are oven-baked rice dishes and soft rice dishes made in earthenware casseroles with an egg crust.

The cuisine of neighbouring regions has given and received important contributions from Valencian gastronomy, like Balearic, Catalan, Aragonese, Manchego, and Murcian. If you would like to know more about gastronomy and life in Valencia, you need to explore things to do in Valencia


Valencia gives you a warm welcome

Living in Valencia is an amazing experience for its cosmopolitan ambiance. The sun, the beach, the food - especially paella, make this city very attractive. People in Valencia tend to be very friendly and make you feel at home, which is really important when you are moving to a new place and the city is full of surprises, from amazing “fiestas” to move your body to relaxing beaches.  


We hope you now understand why North Americans have found their way to trust in Valencia! All in all, Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, it has great weather, a healthy lifestyle, cheap cost of living, cheap public transportation, and easy access through the city. Some people make the choice of living here for the rest of their lives and if you are thinking about retiring overseas, read more about why you should retire in Valencia?

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