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The process of moving to another city is everything but easy, especially if it is overseas. The idea of moving to a different country with a different culture can be exciting but at the same time terrifying. We understand it - the entire process can be exhaustive. Which is why you have come to the right place; Spanish Homes is here to assist you!

Home to heat, sea, beaches and tapas, Spain is the most popular overseas destination for holidaymakers and investors alike! The appeal of a dream villa in Spain is also as high as ever, with more people purchasing properties in Spain in order to spend some holidays here or relocate with their family! With villas, apartments and big holiday houses for sale, there is a wide variety of properties in Spain and Spanish Homes is the perfect place to find your dream home in Spain!

Spanish Homes travels the world offering “Free Private Meetings” in your home country, informing you about the various processes involved when buying a property in Spain. Our Private Meetings & Seminars cover all the taxes and formalities involved when relocating to Spain. Besides that, we also offer you a broader set of services, such as: 

a) Evaluation of your selected dream home 

b) Repair and furnishing of your property by your personal needs 

c) Personal concierge service 

d) Assist you with anything you might need during or after your stay 

We want to be sure you receive the highest possible support for your investment in Spain with Spanish Homes. All our private meetings are completely free of charge, however, we advise you to book a time slot in advance, as we have limited availability in each country we visit. 

We make each meeting as personal as possible and you will spend 1 hour with our directors to discuss anything you need, always focusing on your specific requirements.

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Where to invest in Spain?

Costa del Sol 1 - Portugal propety experts

Costa del Sol 1

Costa del Sol

Being one of the most important cities in Andalucia, Málaga is located in Costa del Sol, which is filled with history and it is an important cultural reference for the most notorious artistic movements, as it is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the painter and co-creator of the Cubist style. Because of its cultural heritage, Málaga has the perfect balance between the ancient and the modern - you can enjoy a world-famous Malagasy wine in the most notorious terrace surrounded by cathedrals and very well preserved Roman ruins. Costa del Sol is full of amazing places, having as its crown-jewel the shore municipality of Marbella. Having the Mediterranian Sea as its background, this beautiful piece of land is rich in maritime beauty, making it the perfect place both for vacation and for living, as well as working.

Costa de Almeria 2 - Portugal propety experts

Costa de Almeria 2

Costa de Almeria

Costa de Almeria consists of the province of Almeria, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Bathed by 217 kilometres and including 13 municipalities, the coast is famous for gorgeous beaches, most of which are completely unspoilt, despite their popularity. Almeria is an area of idyllic deserted beaches, rugged scenery and charming traditional towns. From sleepy hilltop towns to stylish and reserved beach resorts like Roquetas de Mar, is the perfect place for a peaceful Spanish getaway.

Costa Cálida 3 - Portugal propety experts

Costa Cálida 3

Costa Cálida

The Costa Cálida is a coastline of the Spanish province of Murcia, bathed by 250km stretch of Mediterranean, extended from El Mojón in the north near from Alicante to near the municipality of Águilas in the south bordering on the region of Almería province. Blessed by a mild Mediterranean climate it has around 315 days of sun per year. Best known for its amazing soft climate, with plenty of sun throughout the year, this region’s very pleasant weather allows you to discover its gorgeous coastline against which the ocean presents itself with all cliffs and beaches of white sand. And we can also find the historic port town of Cartagena has many monuments, museums and architectural treasures from bygone days. This town was a strategic fortified Mediterranean port for more than two thousand years. Most of the tourists that travel to the Costa Cálida each year enter through Murcia's Airport.

Costa Tropical 4 - Portugal propety experts

Costa Tropical 4

Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical is the coastal border of the southern Spanish province of Granada. The capital of this province is the city of Granada, which brings in tourists from all over the world thanks to its Moorish architecture and famous Alhambra palace. In the winter, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada are one of Europe's most southerly ski resorts. In areas such as the Alpujarras and Lecrin Valley, hiking and eco-tourism also attract a number of visitors. Moreover, the whole area boasts a wealth of interesting cultural attractions, notably the Moorish castle, Roman Aqueducts, Phoenician, Necropolises, and much more. The Costa Tropical of the Granada province is a particularly picturesque beachside. Considered by many to be more relaxed, with a perfect sub-tropical climate you can enjoy sun and ski on the Costa Tropical.


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