Las mejores playas en Costa Dorada

Las mejores playas en Costa Dorada
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Published: 31st August 2020, 6:10pm

Translated into English, Costa Dorada stands for “golden coast”, a name given mostly due to the color of the sands of the many beaches hosted by this coastline. Any city or town located in this area is more than suitable to spend the holidays, especially for big families with lots of children as the offer of activities is quite large. The beaches of Costa Dorada are pretty famous, and the town of Tarragona is the area where most of them are located, as well as the town of Salou. We want you to have all the information you need when you’re on holiday so that you can relax and work on your tan. Here is a list made of our own regarding our suggestions of the best beaches you can find in Costa Dorada.

Cunit Beach 

Located in Tarragona, this beach has the interesting characteristic of having moon-shaped breakwaters. The areas filled with sand are not that large, however, this beach extends for more than 2km, so you should not have any problem whatsoever in finding a spot.

Playa Larga 

In English the name of this beach stands for “large beach” and the truth is even though it is not a giant beach, there can be plenty of space for everyone to enjoy its turquoise waters.

Playa del Regueral

This beach is very close to the center of the town of Cambrils, the reason why it is such a perfect escape: you can have all the quiet you desire at the same time you are close to the main services. The best of two worlds!

Cala Font

Also located in Salou, this gorgeous beach is the perfect escape to anyone who wants to go for a dive or two. Because it is located near hotels and resorts, you can find quite nice restaurants for a light lunch to recover your energy from swimming in those crystal-clear waters.


A lovely beach that is worthy of being in a postcard. It has the village of Altafulla as background – it is literally just a few meters away from the housing located right in the coast and it is a lovely place to take a stroll. A property in this area is quite an investment!

Coma Ruga beach

You can find this stunning beach in the municipality of El Vendrell, located in the province of Tarragona. It has plenty of space for you to have an amazing beach day with your family and because of the calm water, you can take the opportunity to practice your swimming skills and just enjoy life.
It is quite difficult to list all of the beaches of Costa Dorada, as they are so many! Also, there are lots of beaches that you can find on your own, as there are so many hidden gems along this coast. If you like adventures, this is an excellent and healthy way for you to get to know the beauty of Costa Dorada - we know that you will not regret it! Needless to say that here in Spanish Homes we are always available to answer all of your questions.
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