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Tenerife is the most important island of the Canary Islands. Not because of its size (it's the biggest of all the islands) but because of the economic importance for this archipelago. A big percentage of tourism of the Canaries goes through there and the motives are vast: Tenerife is a gorgeous island filled with landscapes that are worthy of contemplating, reason more than enough to pay a visit or even to invest. 

It is Spanish Home pleasure to guide you through Tenerife's best properties and also to offer some suggestions of activities for all the family.

Cosas para Hacer en Tenerife

Discover Mount Teide Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Discover Mount Teide

Probably the most known attraction of the island, Mountain Teide is home of a sleeping volcano that is one of the widest in the world. It is also where Teide National Park is located, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007 due to its beauty and diversity.

Have a fun blast at Siam Park Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Have a fun blast at Siam Park

Tenerife is also known for its amusement parks where families can enjoy unforgettable times in the many roller coasters. The Siam Park is very well recommended, as its attractions can give you a high level of adrenaline that will make you ask for more! But do not worry if you are a low profile; you can enjoy a relaxing time in the panoramic restaurant while you enjoy a fresh drink or a delicious meal.

Explore astonishing beaches Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Explore astonishing beaches

A very particular aspect of Tenerife is the black sand beaches along the island. Because of the volcanic activity, the sand gains a black color that distinguishes them from most of the beaches that you have seen. They are not less beautiful though, as you can see from the beaches of Jardin and Benijo.

Meet dolphins at their natural habitat Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Meet dolphins at their natural habitat

If you are an animal lover, you cannot miss this experience. The Canary Islands is a very common habitat shared by dolphins and whales. Whales are particularly more difficult to be sighted, however, dolphins can be easily spotted in the waters of Tenerife. A few sailing companies offer really nice packages that include dolphin watching, sailing along the coast and the chance to take some dives and snorkelling. 

Embrace the Carnival fever Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Embrace the Carnival fever

Carnival is not just famous in Brazil. When it comes to Carnival in Europe, Tenerife is definitely the place to be - plenty of music and dancing awaits those who love exotic rhythms and colourful parades all day and all night. A good excuse to schedule holidays in February!

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Información Local para Tenerife

Airport - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Airport

Tenerife possesses two airports: one located on the South, close to the touristic zone of the island, and another on the North, located only 10 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island's capital. 

In its first year alone, back in 1978, the Reina Sofia Airport (South) reached one million passengers! Today, this airport receives flights mainly from the UK and Germany, as well as Barcelona and Madrid. 

As for the North Airport, more known as Los Rodeos, it is the one more frequently used to travel around the islands that form the archipelago. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Bilbao are important destinations as well.

Restaurants & Bars - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Restaurants & Bars

The island of Tenerife is a place full of diversity. The cuisine, delicious as it is, takes advantage of its location: a gem in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with the advantage of being so close to North Africa. You can expect the most delicious dishes from the most dedicated chefs, bringing you the flavours that make this island so famous. Because of the existing tropical influence on the island, there is an extensive selection of seafood and fish and the way they are cooked is unique. We want to give you a taste of it, so please feel free to open your appetite with our suggestions:

Weather - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Weather

As part of the Canary Islands, there is lots of sunshine in Tenerife during an entire year. The only period when the weather is less appealing is during winter when the rainy periods are more frequent. It only happens during November and beginning of Spring, though.

An interesting meteorological event is the snowfall that sometimes occurs at the top of Mount Teide - while the rest of the island is covered by the sun, the peak gets filled with snow provoked by the precipitation and coldness caused by the altitude of the mountain.

Shopping - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Shopping

Regardless whether you choose to stay in the North or South, Tenerife doesn't lack shopping malls. If you are a true fashion lover, you should adventure yourself in the South, as the majority of shopping malls are located in that area. Malls like Plaza del Duque, Siam Mall and Oasis Shopping Center are just a few that you can find and some of them have outlet stores of the best brands, so there are really good chances you get some excellent products for a good price. Despite not having much shopping in comparison with the South, the truth is that North is not a bad option to spend time doing some window shopping. Meridiano and Punta Larga Shopping Center are top picks both for shopping and just for working your legs a little while you take a stroll on the fanciest malls of Tenerife.

Transportation - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Transportation

Once you land in Tenerife, the options to circulate around the island are extensive. Both airports have good connections to most ways of transportation, especially the bus network TITSA. The routes taken by these buses can take you anywhere in the island and places like the airport and the beaches are very reachable by using them. They are also very economical; you can purchase a ticket directly with the driver or (and this option is actually much cheaper) you can acquire a prepaid card - that way you can save tons of money and travel for a real modest price depending on the zones you wish to visit.

You do have a train service in Tenerife as well, but it only takes you between La Laguna and Santa Cruz. Instead, you can rent a car and explore for yourself the island of Tenerife. We know that seems like a suggestion that will give you work instead of relaxation but thanks to the highways and the accesses of Tenerife the island can be fully explored within a few hours and the best part is that you can do it at your own pace. 

Beaches - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Beaches

A very particular aspect of Tenerife is the black sand beaches along the island. Because of the volcanic activity, the sand gains a black colour that distinguishes them from most of the beaches that you have seen. They are not less beautiful though, as you can see from the beaches of Jardin and Benijo.

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