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Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features
Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features
Spanish Home - Spain propety experts features

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Granada puede ser el lugar perfecto para llamar hogar dulce hogar: ¡experimente la arquitectura islámica, los pueblos pintorescos y las delicias de tapas todo en uno en España!


La ciudad de Granada se encuentra al pie de Sierra Nevada, en la confluencia de cuatro ríos: el Darro, el Genil, el Monachil y el Beiro. Granada es la capital de la provincia del mismo nombre, a tan solo una hora del mar Mediterráneo y muy cerca de la estación de esquí de Sierra Nevada, en la región de Andalucía.


Uno de los atractivos turísticos de esta región es la ciudadela árabe y el palacio de la Alhambra, con su vasto legado histórico islámico, elementos culturales y arquitectónicos. En realidad, la mezcla de arquitectura islámica y española presente en Granada, de la cual el Palacio de la Alhambra - las joyas de la corona de Granada.


El encanto del palacio, rezuma completa riqueza junto con los románticos jardines del Palacio de la Vida General, un lugar excepcional, distribución y diversidad de sus flores, plantas y fuentes. La ciudad está llena de vida, con divertidos bares, restaurantes, espectáculos de flamenco: ¡una casa de vacaciones perfecta para alguien a quien le encanta estar fuera de casa!


Granada se encuentra dentro de la Costa Tropical, que consta de las siguientes áreas:


Almunecar, Salobreña, Motril, La Herradura, Albunol, Castell de Ferro, Velez de Benaudalla, Otivar, Gaulchos, Polopos, Los Guajares, Castillo de Baños de Abajo, Jete, Itrabo, Molvizar, Guajar-Faraguit, Lentegi, Lujar, La Guapa , Albondon, Rubite, Sorvilan, Alfornon, Velilla-Taramay

Cosas para Hacer en Granada

The Zambras of Sacromonte Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

The Zambras of Sacromonte

Old bridal parties held by the gypsies of the Granada city and that disappeared for years before their current vindication. They develop in the caves of the Sacromonte neighborhood and have a unique character in the world of flamenco. There are also more classic flamenco shows in the Albaicín. These flamenco shows, usually linked to restaurants, are one of the city's cultural attractions.

11th Century Arab Public Baths Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

11th Century Arab Public Baths

The Bañuelo baths are located on the ground floor of a private house, in the Carrera del Darro, at the foot of the Alhambra, and show us the degree of refinement that the Spanish Arabs had a thousand years ago. The Bañuelo de Granada is one of the few places of this type that managed to save itself from the destruction of the Catholic Monarchs since among the Christians the Arab baths had a reputation comparable to that of brothels. This wonder has survived despite the fact that a private house was built on it almost from the day the Castilians occupied the city.

The Alhambra Palace Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

The Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra is a castle and fortress, a royal palace and a city, with amazing gardens; it is also a summer retreat. Built between the 13th and 14th centuries, it was the jewel of the Nasrid kingdom that came to encompass all of Almería, Malaga and Granada, as well as part of other provinces.

Albaicín Neighbourhood Spanish Home - Spain propety experts

Albaicín Neighbourhood

Albaicín is the oldest neighbourhood in Granada. Located in front of the Alhambra hill, on the San Cristóbal hill, and surrounded by the Sacromonte, Elvira street and the Darro river, the Albaicín is a world apart. It has always been a city closed in on itself within Granada, perhaps due to the strong Muslim influence, it has had since its origins. The neighbourhood represents a unique and well-preserved sample of Spanish-Muslim architecture from the medieval period. It is a place to relax, to walk its alleys and discover viewpoints that do not come in any guide.

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Información Local para Granada

Transportation - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Transportation

The main company operating bus transport in Granada is Transportes Rober. There is also bus transportation to and from the airport with the company Alsa. Granada railway station has rail connections with many cities in Spain. There are several types of train service to and from Granada, including AVE (high speed long distance) via the Antequera–Granada high-speed rail line. The closest AVE connection is in Antequera.

Weather - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Weather

Granada has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate close to a cold semi-arid climate. Summers are hot and dry with daily temperatures averaging 34°C in the hottest month (July); however, temperatures reaching over 40°C are not uncommon in the summer months. Winters are cool and damp, with most of the rainfall concentrated from November through to January.

Shopping - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Shopping

Granada offers the possibility to shop in open-air venues set up on the city streets, like Calle Recogidas, Calle Reyes Católicos, Calle Mesones and Calle Elvira. In these open-air shopping venues, some are more popular, some are renowned for having great prices. In any case, be sure that you’ll be amazed by what you can find in these street-shopping centres, from modern shops like H&M and Zara to high-end boutiques, clothes, shoes and home decor items, as well as toys for kids. For a more regular type of shopping centre, you can head to Centro Comercial Nevada.

Restaurants & Bars - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Restaurants & Bars

The gastronomy of Granada is part of the Arabic-Andalusian cuisine tradition, with a strong Arab and Jewish heritage, which is reflected in its condiments and spices, such as cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, raisins, almonds or honey. The climatic differences of the different regions of the province, from the coast to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada propitiates a great variety of raw materials: vegetables, meats and sausages, fish that are combined in a multitude of dishes and recipes for soups and stews.

Airport - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Airport

The nearest civil airport is Federico García Lorca Airport, about 15 km west of Granada. The Armilla Air Base was the first civil airport serving the city and its surroundings but it was replaced by the former airport in the 1970s and repurposed for military uses.

Beaches - Spanish Home - Spain propety experts Beaches

Only an hour away driving south from Granada is the very beautiful and picturesque Costa Tropical. Considered by many to be more relaxed, with a perfect sub-tropical climate you can enjoy sun and ski on the Costa Tropical. There are four main beach locations in the Costa Tropical province of Granada: Almuñecar, Salobreña, Motril and La Herradura. Beyond the beaches, you can also visit the AquaTropic Water Park located on the beach of Velilla. This water park of 35,000 m2 stands out for being the only one that offers all the leisure activities of a water park but with saltwater.

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